Domů EMERGENCIES Gynaecological Emergencies

Gynaecological Emergencies

Are you experiencing any urgent gynaecological problems requiring emergency treatment (heavy haemorrhage, accute pain e.g.) or are you having any problems following the surgery undertaken in our hospital?

Emergency situations during the oncology treatment

Emergency situations during the oncology treatment

Oncological treatment is associated with various complications. In case you are experiencing ordinary complications as lack of apetite, vomiting , neuropathy e.g., there is plenty of our information leaflets for oncological patients.

In case of serious complications regarding urgent treatment please do visit our Oncological Ambulance. In out of patient times call The Emergency service – 155.

In case you are included in any clinical study and you are patient of other hospital, please do immediatly contact the study co-ordinator.

General Gynaecological Ambulance

+420 224 967 491 Ground floor on the right side
In case your medical condition is not urgent and could be delayed, please do visit your General Gynaecologist during the working hours or visit our Gynaecological Ambulance.

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