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11. IWUGO – VIRTUAL – international participants


11th International Workshop of Ultrasound in Gynecologic Oncology (IWUGO) – Advanced course – VIRTUAL FORMAT

3. – 4. 6. 2024, 12:00 AM – 06:00 PM (CET).

The international workshop with the participation of top foreign sonographers in gynecologic oncology aims to familiarize the audience with diagnosis and staging of malignant tumors of the ovaries, uterine body and cervix, vagina and vulva. For each malignancy, ultrasound imaging is presented step by step by a renowned specialist and the lecture is accompanied by a live ultrasound examination streaming. A new part of the program is also ultrasound differential diagnosis of adnexal pathologies and endometrial, myometrial lesions demonstrated on individual cases in the form of video clips.

Coordinator: Daniela Fischerová, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Filip Frühauf, MD, PhD



  • 150 €

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