Domů I need an ultrasound scan during pregnancy SCREENING IN THE 1st TRIMESTER (12.- 14. WEEKS)


Booking and useful information

Straight after a confirmation of a pregnancy by your general gynaecologist book an appointment directly at the Centre of Fetomedicine: ⁺420 224 967 273, MO – FRI 8:00 – 15:00.

Details required:

  • Name and Surname
  • Healt insurance number and insurance company
  • Date of your last period
  • Information whether you have been on an ultrasound already and if the weeks of your pregnancy align with the term given by the date of your last period
  • Name of your general gynaecologist
  • All the contact details (phone number, e-mail)

The receptionist will give you an appointment date and also an instructions where to pick up a request forms for the blood tests with the information re the blood test itself.

The blood test:

The blood test takes place in the Test centre in the building of General Teaching Hospital VFN, Karlovo náměstí 32, Praha 2, daily 7:00 – 14:00

  • A request form for the test is required, provided by the Centre of Fetomedicine in Apolinar
  • No special diet restrictions needed
  • The blood test needs to take place at least a week prior booked ultrasound scan to make sure we know the results

The scan test in our department:

  • Measuring of your blood pressure
  • A specialist will perform the ultrasound scan and compare the results with the biochemical blood tests we already received
  • According to the ultrasound scan we measure the length of the baby to confirm the weeks of pregnancy. We take a close look at the whole fetus and its organs, measuring NT – nuchal translucency. If needed we also take a closer look at the nasal bone, blood flow through the tricuspidal valve in fetal heart and the blood flow through ductus venosus. We also measure the length of your cervix and the blood flow through the uterine vessels.
  • The result will be directly communicated to you and the follow up discussed

First trimester screening for pregnancy complications (fetal structural and chromosomal defects, risk of developing pre-eclampsia in the second and third trimesters and growth restriction in the third trimester)

Screening in the 1. trimester (structural and chromosomal aberations of the fetus, the risks of developing a preeclampsia in the 2. and 3. trimester and growth restrictions in the 3. trimester)

This specialized ultrasound screening is not covered by your health insurance company.


  • 1400 CZK Single fetus
  • 1900 CZK Multiple pregnancy

Form for the insurance company – confirmation of reimbursement for the examination