Domů EMERGENCIES Postpartum period

Postpartum period

There is a possibility you might experience some of these problems:

  • Major haemorrhage (stronger bleeding than during the menstruation)
  • Fever (temperature higher than 38°C)
  • Stomachache
  • Breast inflammation (blushing breast, painful when touched)
  • Bladder inflammation (difficulties when passing urine e.g. stinging or burning)
  • Inflammation of the lower extremity veins
  • Or other gyneacological problems – you can attend our gynaecological ambulance in our hospital (located on the ground floor, corridor on the right side – which operates 24/7).

Please do visit accompanied by your baby as there is a chance of admission to the hospital. In this case the length of stay in the hospital is not certain. Our staff always try to prioritise the postnatal ladies prior other patients.

If case of other medical conditions e.g. flu, cold, sore throat (or other virosis) please do visit your General Practitioner even during the postnatal period.

Following the discharge from the Postnatal Ward book an appointment at your local gynaecologist who will check you after the six weeks period. Following this period time should be all the gynaecological problem treated by him/her.